Individual Therapy

Are you going through seemingly personal issues which affect your day to day? Is your partner resistant to couple therapy? There is plenty of work we can do from a relational perspective to improve your personal and relationship concerns.

Couples Therapy

What defines a relationship or commitment to a relationship continues to evolve from person to person and is heavily influenced by past generations as well as the society we live in. We work with you and your partner to help navigate the intricacies and complexities of your relationship.

Family Therapy

Family conflict, parenting, adapting to a post-divorce environment and navigating blended families all encompass specialties our team of clinicians can help you and your family with to become stronger and more resilient.

Sessions & Payment...

Our rate is $140 per session. We also offer a sliding scale. Please call 516-804-1010 for more information.

We are happy to provide itemized receipts for your insurance company for reimbursement depending on your insurance plan's out-of-network therapy benefits and your clinician's credentials.

Payment is due at the time of services. Cash, check, major credit cards accepted. Family First requires 24-hour notice cancellation to avoid a full-fee charge for a missed session, barring any emergencies.

Family First

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